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Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries and Nature Preserve

Over 3 miles of trails and quarries to enjoy year round!

Ancient mound builder Indians quarried flint from hundreds of pits still visible on the quarry trail. Flint was vital to their survival. An excavated pit can been seen inside the museum.

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Flint Ridge Flint also known as Vanport Flint was used to make many different kinds of tools including knives, spearpoints, scrapers, arrowheads and drill bits.  

Sacred Ground - America's First Factory . . .

Whatever you call it, Flint Ridge is an amazing and beautiful place. Over 2000 years ago, people from the Hopewell Culture discovered Flint Ridge flint just beneath the ground. This flint revolutionized the way the Hopewell people lived. They learned to quarry it, shape it, and trade it. If they had spear points and arrowheads, they could hunt the plentiful game and had food, shelter, clothes, and weapons. Flint Ridge was a busy place for thousands of years and played an important role in the lives of the Mound Builders.

As you walk our beautiful trails, imagine the sights and sounds of hundreds of Native Americans digging the pits and knapping the flint. As you walk, you'll be walking on small flakes of flint from those very "workshops."

Come, step back through time and keep your eyes and ears open.

Flint Ridge is a deposit of flint approximately 3 x 9 miles running in an East-West orientation. The layer is 2 - 12 feet thick. 

     Flint Ridge Park Address (for GPS):  15300 Flint Ridge Road, Glenford, OH 43739

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