Sacred Ground - America's First Factory . . .

Whatever you call it, Flint Ridge is an amazing and beautiful place. Over 2000 years ago, people from the Hopewell Culture discovered Flint Ridge flint just beneath the ground. This flint revolutionized the way they Hopewell people lived. They learned to quarry it, shape it, and trade it. If they had spear points and arrowheads, they could hunt the plentiful game and had food, shelter, clothes, and weapons. Flint Ridge was a busy place for thousands of years and played an important role in the lives of the Mound Builders.

As you walk our beautiful trails, imagine the sights and sounds of hundreds of Native Americans digging the pits and knapping the flint. As you walk, you'll be walking on small flakes of flint from those very "workshops."

Come, step back through time and keep your eyes and ears open.

Group Tours

Students take an outdoor interpretive hike and an indoor tour of the museum where they learn how flint was formed, where it's found, its properties, and how it was used. Students will get the chance to use the ancient pump drill to make a shell necklace, learn how to throw a 6 foot dart with the atlatl (an ancient hunting weapon), and knap a piece of flint into an arrowhead. Other activities are available upon request. 
To schedule a tour, please email:

Non-School or Family Groups: You can participate in the same activities as school groups or we will work with you to tailor your visit to your individual needs.

Youth and Scout Groups: We will work with you to make your time here informative, fun, and unforgettable. Overnight campouts can be arranged. We can offer a variety of activities to suit your needs. 

Pricing for groups varies - depending upon which activities are selected and other specific requirements.
  • School Groups - $5 per students (teachers and bus drivers are free)
  • Youth & Scout Groups - $3 per person plus a donation for park rental
  • Other Groups - $5 per person

PLEASE NOTE: Due to social distancing requirements during the pandemic conditions, tours are limited to family groups of less than ten. Please contact the site manager for additional information.

**Appointment availability varies. Also, due to limited staff availability, we require a two week notice for tour scheduling. Family group guided tours are $50 each, regardless of family size.

Shelter Rental

Our shelter has an electric hook-up - enough to power crock pots, roasters and electric equipment. It also has 8 picnic tables that will seat 8-10 people each. Water is available at the drinking fountain at the trailhead.  Two charcoal grills are available at the shelter, one at each end. 

Cost of renting the shelter for an event is $50 per day.

For more information email:

*   Getting Married?
     Why not have your special event out in nature. We have (8) tables and chairs you can rent also.

*   Family Reunion coming up?
     Flint Ridge is a perfect venue for that.  Plenty of room for games and for $15 per activity. We can provide activities like we have
     for schools; atl atl, pumpdrills, knapping flint, and even talking sticks.  These are for everyone, not just the kids.

*   Car Club or Motorcycle Group?
     Looking for a mid-day stopping place to have lunch? The shelter would be perfect.  We're only three miles from Old Route 40 and
     four miles from State Route 70.  If you come on Saturday or Sunday, add the museum to your stop.